75 from the Sky: A “Behind-the-Photo” Perspective

As we began creating the map of Grymes’ 75th year and discussing special ways to celebrate the milestone, we realized that capturing special photos – even better, an aerial photo that includes the WHOLE school – was a “must-have” on the checklist. 

The idea seemed simple in conversation, but the logistics were surprisingly involved. We won’t take you through the entire process of capturing this photo, but the behind-the-scenes steps looked something like this:

  1. How to convince 160+ students to stand in the shape of a “75”? And for long enough to capture the pictures? Tricky! Thank you, Mr. Woods, for meticulously measuring spaces ahead of time. Mr. Woods made sure each person had a spot in the photo, with painted dots on the field to guide us. (Think marching band practice with spray-painted position markers.) You can see an example of his plot map in the post images.
  2. Find a photographer…with a drone AND skills. HUGE thank you and shout-out to Mr. Benjamin Sherman for taking time out of his schedule to capture these photos!!
  3. When and where? Students were encouraged to wear red and white in celebration of the 75th. After a fire drill, classes stayed outside and assembled the “75”, one class at a time. Despite the glare from an overcast sky making many eyes water, the whole school waved up at the drone and captured a brand new, beautiful moment to add to the long history of Grymes.

Happy 75th, Grizzlies!

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