Athletics are a vital component of life at Grymes. Our program provides students with ample opportunity to learn the skills of cooperative play, teamwork, and sportsmanship through daily physical education and optional interscholastic sports.

Physical activity is essential to the overall health and vitality of children, so we incorporate physical play into the daily schedule of every Grymes student. All students participate in daily physical education classes and have ample time for unstructured free play during recess. In addition, Grymes has a rich history in interscholastic sports and students in fifth through eighth grades have the option to participate in our athletic program. Most Grymes upper schoolers participate on at least one sports team throughout the year, enabling student-athletes to work with incredible coaches and compete against other schools in Central Virginia.
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Physical Education

Starting in Junior Kindergarten, students hone their fine and gross motor skills as they develop a sense of their body, improve coordination and understand spatial awareness. Mastery of physical skills and coordination develop as students are introduced to a variety of sports in the Lower School.

In the Upper School, teamwork and competitive play are emphasized as students build on prior concepts and skills. Through exposure to a wide range of sports and team activities, Upper School students develop proficiency, sportsmanship, and teamwork. Leadership as well as respect and tolerance for physical differences are emphasized. Physical activity is also celebrated at Field Day, a school-wide event that takes place each year on the Friday before Memorial Day.


Because of our size and location, Grymes athletic teams play against competitors that represent the best of Central Virginia’s prep schools, from as far north as The Hill school in Middleburg to as far West as Eastern Mennonite in Harrisonburg. Our teams play at a developmental level that allows our students to learn skills and gain experience in whatever sport they choose. In addition to team sports, various club sports and activities are offered to Grymes students throughout the year.





Come out and cheer on your fellow Grizzlies! The schedules below list the current season’s home and away games. You can view all athletic and school events on the calendar. Parents can view a more detailed schedule that includes practices and team events here.


Schedules subject to change. Please see the calendar for up to date information.