COVID-19 Mitigation Plan

2021-2022 Planning

Grymes is committed to operating on our beautiful campus during the full 2021-2022 academic year as long as it is safe for our students and faculty and there are no statewide restrictions preventing schools from opening their campuses.

Our planning has been guided by five principles: the health and safety of our community, the importance of on-campus learning, maintaining academic continuity and growth for all students, the need for preparedness and flexibility, and strengthening the bonds of our community.

At the heart of the Grymes mission are people. Our school is a loving, supportive community of teachers, students, parents, alumni, board members, and friends whose relationships provide the foundation for all aspects of our programs. Those relationships are best fostered through daily personal interactions, and we know that student academic and social growth is optimized through in-person engagement with teachers and peers.

At the same time, we recognize the critical importance of maintaining a safe campus environment for all members of our community. To this end, in light of the continuing risks associated with COVID-19, policies and protocols that promote health and safety will be continued. Although we are not able to eliminate all risk, our efforts are designed to mitigate risk in order to safeguard the wellbeing of all students, teachers, and anyone who visits our campus. We also understand that our community will have to be flexible in adjusting to an evolving situation and that there may be modifications to our approach and policies as the school year progresses.

Given the uncertainty of the future, we have developed a robust off-campus plan in order to be prepared for any disruption to the school year. Our remote learning model is designed to keep students on track with their learning and to maintain community connections even when apart. With their unmatched commitment and creativity, our teachers have a proven record of advancing the Grymes mission whether we are on or off campus.


Our health and safety preparedness is built on prevention, detection, and response. Exposure to the virus will be minimized through faculty training, education about the virus and good hygiene, and physical distancing and mask-wearing. Monitoring the regional situation and screening all visitors to campus will help ensure that we identify potential risks. Established protocols and communication with local health officials and our school community will guide our efforts to respond appropriately to situations we might encounter.