Library & Technology

The skill sets needed to succeed in the twenty-first century are evolving as the digital world is changing around us. At Grymes, we seek to integrate technology into the curriculum at all grade levels so that students can navigate the changing digital landscape thoughtfully, and we empower students in the act of learning by providing a wide variety of resources that enhance and enrich exploration, discovery, and joyful learning. Not only do all teachers have a Smartboard at their fingertips to enhance classroom learning, but every class has access to classroom iPads, a laptop cart, and a computer lab for skill instruction, word processing, and creative projects. Starting in the fifth grade, students enjoy one-to-one technology, and school-issued Chromebooks for fifth, sixth, seventh, and eighth graders are used along with Google Workspace for Education. Caring for technological devices, managing online assignments, using cloud-based documents, and learning internet safety and digital citizenship are all essential components to technology instruction at the Upper School level. Throughout their time at Grymes, students learn essential skills such as:


As deliberate as our focus on technology is, we have not left the act of turning a page behind. Our library serves as a warm and welcoming media center that invites storytelling, exploration, and — most importantly — curling up with a book. Our library program seeks to impart an appreciation for and greater understanding of literature, as students build the skills needed to search for, evaluate, and use information effectively.

A weekly trip to the library offers students the opportunity to enjoy storytelling, explore the bookshelves, read for pleasure independently, and check out their own books to take home.