Mission & Traditions

Founded in 1947, Grymes Memorial School sits atop 42 acres in a rural setting that serves families from more than five surrounding counties — families of remarkable economic diversity, and whose children reflect a wide range of ability.

In the midst of this diversity, we are fortunate to be drawn together by a set of strongly held beliefs in the vital importance of a rigorous education, in the desirability of cultivating good character, in the joyful celebration of creativity, and in the warmth and security that a caring community can provide. As children grow and flourish in this environment, we look to the day that we send these young learners on their way to complete their educations with sound foundation of knowledge and skills, and we hope that the joy and exuberance that they experience here at Grymes serves to encourage a full and productive life of learning, caring, and contributing to society.

Our Mission


Our Statement of Philosophy

We nurture the character of every child, emphasizing honor, respect, responsibility, and kindness.

We build curious, analytical, and tenacious thinkers through a thoughtfully designed curriculum.

We challenge students to take risks, whether solving a math problem, developing a scientific hypothesis, or writing a poem.

We cultivate creativity across all disciplines. Students discover their voices and grow in confidence as they explore varied means of expression.

We foster community by providing a warm family atmosphere that allows children to be children even as they grow and flourish as students.

By developing students of good character, who have built a strong foundation in thinking skills, who have found their voices through intellectual and creative outlets, and who are well-rounded in a caring community, we launch learners in pursuit of meaningful lives.


Beloved traditions connect current students into the long legacy of the Grymes community. These are the foundations on which every Grymes student stands. From costume parades and a maypole dance, to poetry recitations and musical programs, our traditions foster confidence and community building. Not to mention, they’re tons of fun!
Transitioning to a new school can be difficult and scary. When we joined Grymes, we were welcomed with open arms and hearts. My girls have truly become part of this incredible community and have flourished in an environment where each student is seen. At Grymes we are more than just students and teachers. We are family.
Julie Fithian
Sixth grade homeroom and Upper School Science teacher, mother of two Lower School students