Performing Arts

At Grymes, performing arts is much more than an elective. It’s a vital aspect of our students’ education and part of our much-loved culture.

Participation in music and drama at Grymes is a fun-filled experience that can foster teamwork and build confidence. Performing for a crowd of classmates, teachers, parents, and family members allows students to become comfortable with public speaking and interacting with adults. These skills, imparted in an entertaining way that students enjoy, help prepare Grymes students for life beyond campus and can grow into a life-long pursuit of the arts.


Our curriculum is broad-based, and this philosophy certainly extends to the arts. Every student at Grymes has the opportunity to explore music in many ways, whether through singing in a class production or learning to play a musical instrument. While many schools don’t emphasize music education, we believe it enriches students’ lives in the classroom and beyond. Mastering a musical instrument takes patience, practice, and enthusiasm, and this process can be both enlightening and rewarding. The music program at Grymes lets students express themselves creatively, hone their skills, and entertain their peers.


Performing on stage is something Grymes students of all ages do each year. Beginning with short plays for Early Learners and progressing to more complex productions for higher grade levels, students are involved in memorizing lines and cues, working with sets and props, and wearing costumes and make-up. Class plays allow students to become another character and to see the world around them from another perspective, an exercise that encourages empathy and understanding towards others. Our drama program is a truly hands-on approach to discovery, exploration and personal expression.

Visit our events calendar to see upcoming student performances.